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AssayMe helps you measure and interpret 10 important parameters of your body in just 60 sec.
An accurate interpretation of urine test results is the key for monitoring health
AssayMe app uses
computer vision technology
to accurately read the test strip.
Accurate reading and interpretation of 10 body indicators enables to monitor health conditions and prevent potential medical problems through a simple, at-home, self-administered urine test.
It's like a lab and a doctor in your pocket

1. Ketone - ketosis and ketoacidosis indicator (DCA)
2. pH - acidic / alkaline urine, predisposition to yeast infection: Bacterial vaginosis (BV)
3. Ascorbate - Increased ascorbic acid content may indicate oxalate accumulation
4. Protein - indicator of kidney problems
5. White blood cells are an indicator of bacterial and urinary tract infection (UTI).
6. Nitrite - UTI indicator
7. Urobilinogen is an indicator of liver diseases.
8. Specific gravity (SG) - hydration, efficiency factor of glomeric filtration (GFR).
9. Bilirubin - an indicator of liver and gallbladder problems.
10. Micro Albumin - used to detect early signs of kidney damage in people who are at risk of developing kidney disease
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This tool interprets the test results for you, including the analysis of what the combination of several health indicators means
You can check your recent test results in the "Latest Result". You can monitor your health changes in "Charts"
At-home monitoring of your health. No doctor's appointments
Why AssayMe
AssayMe equips you with the possibility to do urine tests and interpret the results in minutes. No need to go to doctors, you can do everything yourself in the privacy of your own home
An accurate determination, interpretation of urine test results without guesswork
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How It Works
Our app automatically scans your test strip analyzing discolorations of the reagents

Get Result
Our App provides an interpretation of all the necessary indicators and their combinations

Collect a fresh sample of your urine. Dip the strip into the sample, it only takes two minutes for the strip to react
Nancy Candib
Love these! I am in Keto and I'd like to know how will changing my body. I like these better than the sticks with just ketones, which is what I normally purchase as I learn how to navigate through my Keto journey. The other tests are just a bonus for me but seem to be pretty spot on and correlate well with things I know I have going on with me.
Alicia Lump
What people say about us:
I liked it! I go to the gym three times a week and it is important for me to keep an eye on my health, especially when I am adjusting my diet, water and food for better health.